One day, my family and I took a quick drive to Hillcrest – a trendy neighborhood in sunny San Diego. This one trip changed my whole view of the world. Growing up in a privileged household with always enough to eat and stuffed animals crowding my bed, I wasn’t always aware that so many people lived on the streets. That was when I was eight years old. I took notice, but didn’t do much about it. When I turned nine, that trip crossed my mind and I had the idea for “Bags Full Of Bounty”. Now, 10 years old, I want to help people who are not as privileged as me. Please join me and do the same!


A billion people worldwide live without houses. Half a billion are starving. How can we stand for this injustice?! Every week 250,000 kids die from starvation, and every month, 250,000 more die from diarrhoea due to lack of clean water. These statistics force us to realize that we must make a difference in this world. That is, in fact, BagsFullOfBounty’s goal. Please, join us in our attempt to make this world safe for everyone. Every penny counts!!

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