Bags Full Of Bounty

Helping the homeless one bag at a time

Hey, Aviva here! I am a ten year old girl from San Diego and am extremely passionate about helping the homeless. Have you see a homeless person on the curb and thought about giving them money? Have you ever hesitated? Well, I have a solution: Bags Full Of Bounty! Instead of handing out money, you can pick up a fully stocked bag with items like water, fresh t-shirts, socks, granola bars/nuts, toothbrushes and paste, and a list of local shelters and resources then come to a pick up point, collect some “Bags Full Of Bounty”, keep them in your car, and the next time you see a homeless person at a stop light, you have the perfect thing to give!

How else can you help? Volunteering, donating items or money, handing out bags, or following us on twitter at #bagsfullofbounty are all great ways to get involved!

Hey! Aviva here

2 thoughts on “Bags Full Of Bounty

  1. David Kriz

    Wonderful idea. We are are in on this planet to help each other for sure. Knowing this and doing something to help before reaching double digits is amazing. I am very proud of you and happy to help.

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  2. We completely agree!! Thanks for your support.


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